I have had this sitting around for 8 years, and I've realized that finishing it is near the top of my bucket list (perhaps it is on the top).  It is collected writings from journal, website and correspondences, laid out chronologically across 569 days + some writing after Mo passed away.  I'm planning to publish it at Amazon, but its not in book format yet.  This excerpt (click the image to download the pdf) is the first 9 days, from the day we dropped into PBT land to day we told Mo that he had brain cancer.  It was all written at the time but never published on the website.  At that time I didn't publish a lot of the details because we had such a wide audience (in particular, it wasn't appropriate for Mo's friends and classmates to know how difficult his life had become and develop fears that this could happen to them).

If anyone has comments, I'd appreciate to hear them.
After I finish adding all the entries, I need to prune some of them down and eliminate others.  If anyone would be interested in reading and giving feedback at that point, I'd appreciate that also.