While I spoke with General Wesley Clark, my dad recorded me talking to him. He is a very kind man. The questions I had for him were: what he was going to do with Iraq, where would he get the money for improving health care and education, and I asked him if he plans to do something about pollution. Wesley Clark thinks that wind power is a good idea and that he may try it out. I told him that I’m glad he would support health care and that I am under going chemo therapy. I told him that when I’m done with chemo I would work on his campaign.


 On Wednesday, Mo wrote a paper for a 5th grade writing assessment.  The students had 45 minutes to write about an experience.  We thought it would be appropriate to post Mo's writing here:
Right now I am being treated for brain cancer. Earlier this year my karate school named Karate America in Middleton was having a fundraiser called the Kick-a-thon. The Kick-a-thon was a way to raise money for the University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital (UWCH). The kick-a-thon worked like this: the students who wanted to participate in the Kick-a-thon had to do an unlimited amount of kicks in fifteen seconds. Every student that participated had some sponsors that paid them a certain amount of money per kick. When the kick-a-thon was over I ended up raising the most money. I raised over three thousand dollars. Later Karate America had a picnic called the kicknic to celebrate. I was the guest of honor for the kicknic. A lot of people were there including Bucky Badger but I didn’t meet him. The person in the Bucky Badger suit must have been hot because it was a hot and sticky day. Later a camera man from news three came to interview my mom and I. I was finally on the news. That was my lifelong dream and it finally came true. At the end of the kicknic I got my reward for raising the most money. I got a plastic Frisbee, a T-shirt, and a $250 Best Buy gift certificate. I am so proud I raised the most money. I couldn’t believe I did it with a few physical problems.


Dear everyone,
As you know, I had a recurrence of the tumor.  Enough of that.
I turned 11 a few weeks ago.
I have been asked by the Make-A-Wish foundation to make a wish.  My wish is to meet Bill Cosby.  I am hoping to do that next summer.
I will be in the hospital during Halloween.  I've heard they have a big party there.  I bought a costume which is made from 2 ends of a large bolt that stick on my head and it looks as if the bolt is sticking through my head.  We'll put some pictures on the web after Halloween.
Thank you for all the gifts, cards, emails, notes, and calls.  I really appreciate everyone's support.

   Dear everyone, I'm recovering from brain surgery really well. Thanks for the e-mails,the food,the cards, and the other gifts. All those things help me feel better. Since I am feeling better I am up and around and doing things. To my classmates and teachers that are reading this: I feel better being back in school.

   In March and part of April I will have a break off of radiation and chemo therapy.  I'm glad I will feel better during that period of time.